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12 Christian Prayer Selections for Saying Grace Before a Meal

Debbie enjoys writing prayers for a variety of occasions and sharing them with others.

Here are twelve Christian prayer selections for those who are saying Grace before a meal.

Here are twelve Christian prayer selections for those who are saying Grace before a meal.

1. Amazing Grace

Amazing grace,

how sweet the sound.

In song in word and deed.

Dear God,

We ask you at this time,

to bless this food,

for many a mouth

of the needy people we feed.

Multiply it's greatly sum

so we may feed them often,

one by one.


Debbie T. Alsup

2. A Breakfast Prayer

(Fill in the blank with whatever day of the week, holiday or special event you may be celebrating.)

Dear Lord,

We stand together side by side on this ___________ morning.

Breakfast to share

made with love and care,

to our good health and glowing

of smiles and good words

and encouragements heard

throughout this day and going.


Debbie T. Alsup

3. Plenty

Dear God,

There can never be enough

gracious thanks going your way,

for many still have not as much

as we are served with here today.

We ask you God for special prayers

for those who have and have not,

as we enjoy this meal today

we give you God

loving thanks for what we've got.


Debbie T. Alsup

4. Nana's House (A Dinner Prayer)

Thank you God,

for so many fond memories

of years gone by.

Thank you for this day,

especially for Nana's succulent

stuffed turkey and fixins'

and her famous apple pies.

Thank you for all the hands

that are holding here tonight

around the family dinner table

to enjoy this great delight.


Debbie T. Alsup

5. Bless Us All

Dear God,

We thank you for the countless meals

you have provided.

We ask you to bless this food

we are about to partake.

Bless the coupon cutters,

whose goal was to save us money

on our budget

and they did.

Bless the errand boys and girls

who carried the groceries to

and from the cars.

Bless the cooks.

Bless all our brothers and sisters

who set the tables divine.

To you we give the glory

For each and every morsel,

each and every time.


Debbie T. Alsup

6. Bless This Table

From the smallest morsel

to this mega feast,

we are forever grateful.

We take time now

to give You thanks

and ask for blessings on this table.


Debbie T. Alsup

7. Blessings

To those who shucked the corn

snapped the peas

let the yeast rise

baked the bread

separated the eggs

for the homemade 7-Up cakes and lemon pies,

and all who donned the other entrees for this day,

thank God for you and all these blessings,

let us enjoy this grand array.


Debbie T. Alsup

8. Bless Each

Our Father,

who art in Heaven,

thank you for the many hands

who came from far and near,

bringing in their specialties

to add to the holiday cheer.

Bless each portion we consume.

Bless each person in the room.

Throughout each coming day

till next year

we resume.


Debbie T. Alsup

9. Bless Us

Dear God,

Thank you for this a new day

to spend with loved ones so dear.

To eat talk, sing, laugh, and pray,

toast wine together here.

Bless our dinner party.

Bless our food and wine.

Let us not over-indulge,

bless us with a wise and

great time.


Debbie T. Alsup

10. A Church Food Blessing

Almighty God,

Bless this food that has been prepared

by devoted hands.

Quiet our minds and spirits

right now to focus on You

and those devoted followers.

Cover them and their families

with blessings great,

and all that are here tonight

with the same fate.


Debbie T. Alsup

11. Royalty Blessing

Dear Lord,

We thank you for this daily bread,

simple and serene,

just a light brunch of a spread,

yet fit for a queen,

for we are all of

Godly royalty,

we ask your blessings true,

bless each and everyone

of these dishes,

for me

and you and you (when this line is read, point to others in the room).


Debbie T. Alsup

12. Dinner Bell

Eternal Father,

who makes all things anew,

we give reverence as always to you.

We recognize you:

our healer and provider,

blessed line of hope, happiness and truth.

Bless this meal with your divine grace,

to our good health and enjoyment

in this place.

Bless the cooks,

for their heartfelt deeds as well

Bless us all,

as we now hear the dinner bell (Have someone or yourself ring a dinner bell at this time).


Debbie T. Alsup

I have used this bench at home and at church for many years. It is both comfortable for my knees and body.